04 Cuartos
03 Baños
02 Cocheras
12.593 m2 Terreno
270 m2 Constr

Cristian Leiton
Casas en Venta Pocosol, San Carlos, Alajuela

Casa San Carlos

Beautiful Santa Rosa de Pocosol Quinta with country house for sale.This charming town never ceases to envelop you with its joy and the continuous hustle and bustle where people come and go you will often hear them singing on any corner, and without hesitation, they will invite you to participate. The best is its bullfights, the parties, and bullfights where they show off their best horses and clothing. The house was conceived for a large, dynamic family where everyone would have an intimate place, but with the warmth of the family, which enjoyed the large green areas where birthday parties and more were held from time to time. It is built with first-class materials, the external walls, as well as some internal ones, are reinforced concrete with #3 steel rod, and its woods are the best, among them (Laurel, Cedar, and Cocobolo), with which the ceilings were made- ceilings, internal walls, kitchen furniture and also the doors. Along with these details, all the window structures are made of aluminum. His owner did not skimp on the best for his house, and his general maintenance in history has been. This rent allows the total use of the property for having horses and other stable animals. You can visit the Caño Negro Wetlands, a protected site for its great diversity and fauna with exotic animals and extraordinary landscapes unique to Costa Rica. The refuge was declared a RAMSAR Site on December 27, 1991, one of the first two for Costa Rica. In addition, in its lagoons lives the Gaspar fish, a freshwater species with a body covered with enormous strong scales and an elongated mouth in the shape of a snout armed with many fine teeth. It is of great evolutionary interest since most of its relatives ceased to exist several million years ago. For this reason, this species is often said to be a living fossil. Contact me now to view this Beautiful Santa Rosa de Pocosol Quinta with country house for sale.

Casas en Venta Similares en Pocosol, San Carlos, Alajuela

Se vende propiedad con casa

Se vende propiedad con casa


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