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Can You Sell Your Home before Paying off Your Mortgage?

If we talk about paying off the mortgage before selling your home, there are many questions about it in the forums, personal discussions, and anywhere. If you have landed to this article for the same purpose, then you are in the right place.

Such situations often happen in a person's life where they want to sell the house before paying off the mortgage. Why? Because mortgages tend to last for decades. Simultaneously, most people might not live in the house for decades and want to change it and buy another.

Therefore, we can say that such experiences exist a lot in the entire market. But wait, what are the essential things you need to know about whenever considering the same for yourself? That’s all we are going to talk about in this article.

Selling your Home before Mortgage:

Whenever you are planning to sell the house or apartment, it's essential to call the lender and ask them to let you know about the payoff amount mortgage left. In general, 10 to 30 days is the valid time to receive the amount. But wait, why all of this matters a lot?

You need to understand that setting up the selling price will be easier for you whenever you know the loan balance. From there, you can quickly sell the house at a reasonable price that can help out to pay off the mortgage and set out the remaining amount for something else you are planning for a long time.

Looking at the due-on-sale clauses is also essential for you. Therefore, you should need to review the paperwork for the mortgage loan. The process helps the lenders easily let the sellers know about paying off the mortgage fully to transfer the deeds quickly.

The involvement of lenders at the time of selling your home should be limited. Only, they need to ensure that you have paid off the entire mortgage amount, and you are good to transfer the ownership to someone else.

However, they would require important information about the buyers, such as the buyer's mortgage lenders' information. However, your mortgage lender would not tell you better about where you can sell your home or not. That’s also, depending upon some of the circumstances.

Finally, you need to know that there would be no problems for you whenever the mortgage loan is pre-approved from the buyer's side.

Selling Your Home:

At some point, you will experience that the lender would not make it easier for you to set up the title company quickly. In that situation, you have the option to call a real estate agent for the selling of your house or apartment.

Real estate agents are professional in all sorts of real estate work. Therefore, you will never have any issues when calling them for the same purpose. They will be the ones who ensure you about the problematic or non-problematic situations for the property title.

You will be responsible for bringing the details such as the account number and the agent's mortgage pay-off amount. After that, you need to review the documentation and sign on it. From there, you will be successful for the closing table completion.

After completing the above procedures, it will become more comfortable for the real estate agent to transfer the final mortgage payment. Meanwhile, they will also transfer the title ownership to the new buyer.

After you sell the home and paid-off your mortgages, then you will get a considerable amount in your bank account that you can use for different reasons.

What are the Setbacks?

Usually, you have to face no harsh or frustrating experience when selling your house or apartment. However, you need to know that sometimes your luck is not right, and you might end up connecting with some setbacks.

At some point, you might experience that the lender would ask you to pay them the fees for the reason you are pre-paying the loan. In such situations, you cant do anything. Hence, you have to pay the remaining mortgage loan and the penalty as well.

It’s expected that you are running out of cash and can’t pay them the amount at any cost. In such situations, you have the option to discuss the issue with the lender. Based on that, you should insist them to go with other options that will benefit both sides.

If you have negative equity, it would also become a significant issue for you. Sometimes, a home seller tends to have more amount as compared to the house's actual value. In these cases, you are unable to sell the home and pay the remaining loans. Therefore, you have to restrict the selling idea and naturally pay the mortgage.


When you are selling the house or apartment before paying-off the mortgages, lots of things support these situations depending upon various terms and conditions you are experiencing for the time. Therefore, you need to know that everything needs to be clear about selling the home or paying the mortgages when you opt for this procedure.

If you are well-known with the available options in front of you, then it will become a more comfortable option for you to make the right decision. When you are facing any issues, it’s time to find a lawyer or contact the lender. Hence, you will be safe from lots of harsh situations.

If you want to know anything else about selling your home before paying off your mortgage, then you should need to read out the entire article. We have mentioned some outstanding information about the same conditions. It will help you a lot to decide whether it’s a preferable option for you or not.

Also, reading out the entire article will make you capable enough to understand everything about the same situations in the future. Else, you would become a helping hand for your relatives or friends who opt for the same decision.