By Ashley Vasquez Real Estate

Real estate photography tips

The real estate industry has changed a lot in the past few years. Everyone is selling their home offline as well as considering the online resources. In other words, online home selling methods are gaining more popularity and benefits as compared to the offline method.

Hence, the listing websites are filled up with lots of houses images daily. When there is a considerable amount of house listing available on the online sites, the competition tends to get higher to sell the house or apartment at reasonable rates.

You would not only work on improving your house or apartment's actual visualization to attract the buyers, but the proper and adequate looking pictures are also essential for you to in such conditions.

If you don’t know about taking the right photos of your house or apartment, then things will become harder for you in the online world. Therefore, we are here to talk about the essential things you need to consider when taking photos for better results. In other words, we are discussing the pro real estate photography tips in this article.

Tip no 1:

Our first tip starts with choosing the right time to take photographs of the house or apartment for listing purposes. If you select a terrible time, it will make many significant changes in the results for you. 

Remember, the house or apartment photographs will always look better when you choose the daytime. At the same time, you should take care that the sun needs to be behind the house. If it’s over the house, you might not get good results in the daytime.

Planning to take photographs of the home at night time will never bring good results for you. Hence, the potential buyers who will see these photos would not attract the images and appear to you for the offers.

Tip no 2:

When you take the photographs in the day time, make sure to open the windows or blinds for the interior photographing of your house or apartment. You will get good results for the exterior area as the sun is there for you to add up the right amount of light. However, the house or apartment's interior part does require proper lightening to make the photo worth it and beautiful. 

Remember, don’t try to on the lights to get good results. Remember that artificial lights are not as savvy or helpful to bring the right amount of results. In other words, it couldn’t make it a better solution for you as compared to the sun.

The natural light is always good for you to let the photos look realistic to you. Apart from that, it will also improve the house or apartment's looks in front of the client. Therefore, the client will surely visit to see your home and offer you the quotes.

Tip no 3:

Let say you want to include a sunset photo and the listings to show a better picture of how the house will look at night time; then, you can turn on all the lights of your home, including removing the blinds. Now, you can take a picture from your lawn to show the buyer how the house will look at night time. 

In other words, many buyers want to look at the house in this way as well. Therefore, you can perform them as better support by taking the pictures in this way. Moreover, you can also test the things with/without lights, and you can also experience the differences.

Tip no 4:

When thinking about real estate photography, you need to consider the best and ideal camera. According to the experts, full-frame cameras are suitable for anyone to take photos to attain the best results.

Therefore, you can also go with the same decision and let the house or apartment look good. Let say you don’t have the budget for such a camera; then you should buy one that can easily mount different lenses. With this, you can capture the photos in every perspective to get positive results and increase the number of house offerings.

Tip no 5:

When you have purchased a camera, make sure to buy the wide-angle lenses for Real estate photography. It’s the best lens choice that you can make to bring the right amount of results for yourself. 

Apart from that, you can’t go with a camera that comes with a fixed lens. Why? Because it never brings you professional results at the end of the day. Therefore, you need to make sure that every type of lens can easily mount with them. Moreover, selecting the wide-angel lenses is the best option for you in such cases.

Tip no 6:

The sixth tip is to buy a tripod for your photo’s. Why? Because sometimes, you need to use them as support. Sometimes the angles don’t fit in the right way with your hands. That’s where the idea of using a tripod can bring more accurate and useful pictures of the house or apartment.

Apart from that, the use of the tripod can take sharp images in the night time. Also, it helps out a lot at the time of simplifying the shooting process. 

Tip no 7:

Our last and most crucial tip ends with buying an external flash for the camera. Why? Because the internal flesh doesn’t work better for you whenever you want better and good quality real estate photographs.

The external flash always works in the right way for you. Therefore, you should not compromise on that and need to have one always in the accessories bag.


Are you the one who wants to take good photographs of your house or apartment? If yes, then you should need pro tips for making everything easy and beneficial for you. But wait, what are those essential tips for you to follow? That’s what we have talked about in this article.

Therefore, check out the entire article and read everything that we have mentioned here for you. It will work out better and bring quality results for your photography.