By Ashley Vasquez Real Estate

Timeline for selling your home 

Are you the one who is planning to sell your house or apartment? If yes, then you should need to know about some essential stages of it. It would be your first time; therefore, you are not well-known for the daunting steps that come in your way at that time of selling the home.

If you want to make the entire procedure manageable, you need to follow every stage correctly. But wait, what are those stages or the timeline that can help you sell the home? That's what we are going to talk about in this article.

Different Steps to Sell your Home:

Step No 1: 

The first and most important thing for you is to hire a reliable Real estate agent. For this, you have to interview several agents in your town and find the one who is more experienced. Moreover, make sure to hire a person who can quickly fulfill all of your goals and preferences.

Apart from that, you can also go with a tour option, where the agent will come to your home and analyze everything to make the essential steps that can help them do the right work for you.

Step No 2:

After you have completed the house tour with the real estate agent, the next thing is to make the plan. For that, you can schedule a meeting where every plan needs to be discussed in the right way.

In the meeting, you can talk about all of the things related to your property selling. It could be the evaluation, terms of sales, and the asking price of the home. All these things will take you some steps further to sell the house more appropriately.

Step No 3:

After you scheduled a meeting and grabbed the consultation from the real estate agent, the next thing should be to take proper action.

Well, some critical actions need to be done before you want to sell your home, such as:

  • The official listing paperwork needs to be signed with your agent.
  • For showings, you need to stage and prepare the house or apartment.
  • At last, take a final decision for the upgrades and repairs required for the home.

Step No 4:

The fourth important thing that plays an essential role is to market your house or apartment. Without proper marketing, you can’t expect better results. Potential buyers would never appear at your home for inspection and buying purposes when you plan your home's marketing strategies.

When you plan marketing, we don't recommend you to go with one way. There are both traditional and advanced methods of marketing available for real estate. Hence, you can go both ways.

You can go with billboards or signage marketing for the traditional way, depending on the trends followed in your town. The advanced marketing strategies refer to the listings, social media publications, and many more.

There are lots of listing sites available online that can bring you positive results in this regard. Therefore, you can quickly go with the same procedure to attain outstanding results for yourself.

On top of that, you can also discuss it with the real estate agent. Many can provide you the marketing services inside the commission rates. Moreover, the agents also have a list of buyer inventory. Therefore, you can also attain benefits from their inventory to market your house or apartment.

Step No 5:

After you have done the home's marketing, the next thing will be to meet with the potential buyers. Depending on your marketing strategies, there will be many potential buyers who will appear in your home. From there, you need to go with a proper negotiation plan.

At this time, you need to work with the real estate agent for all the crucial decisions in the negotiation process. Moreover, never try to do the negotiations by your selves. Real estate agents are more reliable and experienced in handling the negotiations of the home. Hence, you need their help all the time to let all of the things happen in the right way.

Step No 6:

Let say you have agreed on the negotiation prices or accepted the buyer's offer; the next thing would be to go for the inspection process. At this stage, the buyer will bring a home inspection professional to evaluate the house or apartment's condition. If everything is profitable, then you would have to proceed to the final stage. Else, the buyer will ask you to repair the issues or cut-off the prices.

At this point, it all depends upon you to go with the desirable decision. If you think that investing in repairs is not a good option, you can cut-off the prices; otherwise, you should repair the issues and sell the house.

Apart from that, you can also consult the same situation with your real estate agent. They are the ones who can provide you the right suggestion to consider in the deal.

Step 7:

The seventh step would be the last one, where you have to finish the selling procedure by settling all of the remaining things. You have to prepare the documents where you can easily prepare the documents to transfer their ownership to the buyer. Along with that, you need to do all the remaining procedures that the real estate agent would guide you to do.

Moreover, real estate agents also help you in the same situation. They can prepare all of the desired paperwork for you that is required or mandatory to complete selling your home.


Are you the one who is planning to sell your house or apartment? If yes, then you should need to understand that it follows a whole bunch of processes. What are those essential procedures or timelines? That's what we have discussed in this article.

All you need is to read out everything we have provided here to you. Reading the complete information will help you to learn better about the entire situation.